ICS Magazine

Introducing the Mobilized Assistance Program

January 7, 2008

RestorationSOS has developed new emergency protocols and procedures to support the demand for restoration services during natural disasters such as floods and wildfires.

“M.A.P. was designed as a solution for both insurance providers and restoration contractors” said Jonathan Holland, vice president of business development for RestorationSOS “Whenever an area is hit by floods or wildfires, the demand for restoration services increases dramatically. Based on market observations we conducted in the past two years, we learned that most local contractors will reach a three to six days capacity within the first 24 hours. In efforts to find a solution to the long waiting lists and their affect on the restoration process, we have invested many resources to developing a program that will allow us to play a major role in every flood and fire in the country by efficiently mobilizing restoration crews wherever they are needed.”