ICS Magazine

Is There a Cleaning Monkey on Your Back?

November 8, 2005

Do you clean carpets and upholstery on a full-time basis? Do you consider your occupation as simply a job and nothing more, or do you find yourself putting just a little more thought and energy into it than either you or your spouse would like?

If the latter is the case, you may just be a CCJ, a Carpet Cleaning Junkie! Not sure? Well, the warning signs are obvious to those in the know, and the diagnosis is simple.

You know you are a carpet cleaning junkie if:

  • When taking the family out to dinner at a local eatery, do you find your eyes meeting the carpet before the menu?
  • When eyeing that 6-inch grease spot next to your table, do you muse that, if only you had that bottle of VS solvent and the manager's attention, you'd make his night and earn an account in the process? And do you do all this before the appetizer arrives?
  • Do you fantasize about high heat while involved in "the heat of the moment?"
  • Do you find yourself dreaming about the previous or next day's appointments in a neverending loop of "what ifs" and "woulda/ coulda/shouldas"?
  • When you notice another carpet-cleaning van in a parking lot, do you feel the urge to peek into the window and check out the equipment?
  • Do you find yourself spending more time on the phone talking shop than conversing with the wife or playing with the kids?
  • If your favorite football team of all time is in the Super Bowl, but you were given the opportunity to clean that long-sought-after commercial account on the same day they were playing, would you accept?

    If you answered yes to four or more of the above, you are, indeed, a CCJ!