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ISO & HFS announce supply agreement

September 13, 2000
ISO Cleaning Solutions has developed with HFS Purchasing Services an agreement for cleaning, janitorial and sanitation products.

ISO Cleaning Solutions recently revealed that they have developed with HFS Purchasing Services, a Canadian national, single source, supply agreement for cleaning, janitorial and sanitation products. The company states that this supply agreement allows for the strengths of both organizations to be focused on the primary task of providing the most effective and efficient facilities management solutions to participating locations. Benefits of single sourcing include standardization of products, lowering total procurement costs, lowering operating costs, and various other benefits.

HFS Purchasing Services is an AFM Hospitality Corporation Company and represents the potential buying power of more than 2, 700 hotels and 285,000 rooms in Canada. ISO Cleaning Solutions is the leading Canadian national distributor of product systems that clean and protect assets for customers desiring value over price.