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ISSA Foundation Partners To Help Katrina Victims

August 31, 2005
Lincolnwood, IL, USA-In partnership with Gifts In Kind International, the ISSA Foundation is asking all ISSA and other members of the jansan industry to help the victims whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

As residents of the U.S. Gulf Coast struggle to deal with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, the ISSA Foundation is partnering with AmeriCares to supply critical necessities to the hundreds of thousands victims left homeless.

Here's how you or your company can help:

AmeriCares has stressed that it is in desperate need of monetary donations, as the agency is not yet certain what product donations will be needed to assist the victims of Katrina. By making a financial contribution to the ISSA Foundation AmeriCares Fund, you can assist in providing shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need.

"Our emergency response team will be arriving in Mississippi later today to assess the most important needs," said Christoph Gorder, AmeriCares vice president. "We are readying relief shipments containing cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products and other materials, thanks to generous donations from our many corporate partners who have already stepped forward to assist with this relief effort."

Hurricane Katrina has been causing damage since late last week, when it hit the southern tip of Florida on Thursday as a category No. 1 storm. By the time it roared into Louisiana early Monday morning as a category No. 4 hurricane with winds of 145 miles per hour, an estimated 80 percent of New Orleans' residents had already been evacuated. At least 100 deaths have already been confirmed in the area, and that number is likely to climb.

AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization providing immediate response to emergency medical needs as well as supporting long-term humanitarian assistance programs worldwide.

To Make a Monetary Contribution, please fill out the attached contribution form and forward it to ISSA Foundation Operations Manager Tracy Weber via e-mail, tracy@issa.com, or mail to the address on the accompanying form. Please make checks payable to the ISSA Foundation AmeriCares Fund.

The ISSA Foundation is also working with Gifts In Kind International, the third largest charity in the United States and the world's leading charity in the field of product philanthropy, to coordinate the delivery of medical supplies, personal care and hygiene products, clothing, water, appliances, and cleaning supplies to nonprofit organizations located in affected areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Gifts In Kind International has begun a broad outreach to the federal, state, and local emergency care coordinators, including our broad network of over 450 community based Gifts In Kind® programs located in the affected states to assess local and immediate needs for products. Once this list of needed products has been confirmed, it will be posted on the Gifts In Kind Web site (http://www.giftsinkind.org/katrina.asp) and donations will be sought from our corporate and business association partners.

Gifts In Kind International's emergency relief donation management process provides victims with as much support as possible through efficient and effective channeling of product donations and services. Generally employee or community relief drives collecting previously used personal property such as clothing and household product, do not benefit the affected community and may make it more difficult for critically needed/requested items to reach those in need.

To Make a Product Donation, complete the attached product donation agreement and fax to the attention of Doyle Delph at 703-549-1481. If you have any questions, please contact Doyle at 703-836-2121.

For more information about Gifts in Kind product donation service coordination, contact Doyle Delph at 703-299-7532; or visit http://www.giftsinkind.org/katrina.asp.