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ISSA Green Cleaning University Launched

April 22, 2009

Bloomington, Indiana─ April 22, 2009 - In celebration of Earth Day, ISSA, the largest professional cleaning association in the world, announces the launching of ISSA Green Cleaning University to help advance and promote Green Cleaning within the professional cleaning industry through education, training, and science.

ISSA Green Cleaning University now consists of 10 classes with new programs under discussion. The programs focus on training sales people and include instruction in:
  • Defining Green and Green Cleaning
  • Building a Complete Bundle of Green Products
  • Implementing a Green Cleaning Program.

The university, which was founded by Stephen Ashkin and David Holly in 2006, has so far awarded approximately 300 individuals with the title of “Green Cleaning Professional,” the university’s official designation of professional competency.

In addition to the required coursework, in order to achieve the “Green Cleaning Professional” designation, students must complete a Green audit of a facility and write-up a report for the facility's management.

This requirement provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn practical, real-world lessons about how to create a more effective cleaning program that utilizes greener cleaning products and reduces risks to occupants, cleaning personnel and the environment.

According to Ashkin, “There are tens of thousands of sales people working for cleaning product distributors, manufacturers, and service providers. Green Cleaning University allows these individuals to become more proficient with Green Cleaning, which in turn will accelerate its adoption in the marketplace. This will also have a significant positive impact on the health of the people in the buildings we care for as well as on the environment.”

Adds John Garfinkel, Executive Director of ISSA, “ISSA and Green Cleaning University will help sales personnel [so they can] differentiate themselves and their companies in the ever-more-crowded Green marketplace while promoting professionalism within the industry.”

And according to Bob Stahurski, President of Nyco Products and President of ISSA’s board of directors, “ISSA’s partnership with Green Cleaning University leverages the strengths of both organizations and will promote the adoption of cleaning programs that protect human health while minimizing overall environmental impacts.”