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ISSA Launches New Online Green Cleaning Resource Section

August 29, 2008

Lincolnwood, IL-ISSA, the worldwide association for the cleaning industry, has announced the launch of a new, comprehensive online resource area covering the topic of green cleaning for both product and service providers.

  The information, available at www.issa.com/green, is one of many initiatives stemming from ISSA’s long-range strategic plan to provide the industry and the public at large with valuable information regarding the connections between science, cleaning, and health. The site currently offers industry definitions; U.S. government and purchasing requirements; details regarding standards, certifications, and accreditations; software and guides; and links to more in-depth information by industry segment.

  “Green cleaning has become a marketplace phenomenon that is showing no signs of slowing down,” said ISSA Director of Legislative and Regulatory Services Bill Balek. “Our hope is that the resources we now make available and our continued updates to this body of knowledge will help our members and their customers sort through the current confusion and ‘greenwash’ to discover how they can best contribute to environmentally friendly practices.”

  Product manufacturers and distributors will find details regarding proper use of environmental marketing claims while people looking for “green” products or services will find tips to help them identify what criteria are available to distinguish between the options that currently exist. This resource is available only to members of ISSA (members need to log in with member ID and login name).

  Some of the ISSA-specific resources now available online include guides to green-procurement policies across the United States and the connection between green cleaning and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings (LEED-EB) program, PowerPoint presentations in English and Spanish, the Green Cleaning for Dummies guide, and EcoSmart software used to determine the costs associated with purchasing green products.

  For more information on ISSA’s science, cleaning, and health initiative or the association’s involvement in the industry’s environmentally preferable cleaning activities, contact Bill Balek at 800-225-4772 (North America) or 847-982-0800; e-mail, bill@issa.com.