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ISSA merging Web sites for comprehensive industry offering

December 5, 2001
LINCOLNWOOD, Ill. -- The International Sanitary Supply Association, Inc. (ISSA) is merging its two Web sites into one, making the sum total much larger than its parts.

Jansan.com, the offspring of issa.com, was created three years ago to embrace building service contractors (BSC). As ISSA embraced this vital segment of the cleaning and maintenance industry, including inviting them to the ISSA/INTERCLEAN USA conventions and seminars, it was decided that building service contractors would be better served by making www.issa.com their one-stop E-content, Web site.

The jansan industry has always been comprised of three major parts, which includes cleaning product manufactures, distributors, and end users. This merger brings the three principal segments together, according to Rebecca Pando, ISSA marketing manager.

"The merger allows jansan.com viewers to take advantage of the much more extensive content and industry rich information that issa.com has to offer," she said.

Because www.issa.com encompasses the entire spectrum of the cleaning industry, the merger opens the door for all jansan viewers -- manufacturers, distributors and end-users -- to take advantage of "Ask ISSA" to answer industry questions, fresh cleaning tips, "Industry Trends" and daily business news, and access to ISSA's "Events and Seminar Calendar," one of the most extensive listings in the industry.

More than 80 years ago, one of ISSA's founding fathers, Alfred Richter, said, "I realized that there was a great deal I did not know about the business. I presumed that a conference of industry members, drawn from various metropolitan cities, would result in an exchange of ideas that would be beneficial to all." This is the principal behind the unification of jansan.com with issa.com.

The International Sanitary Supply Association is the largest and the oldest association for the cleaning industry in the world. Based in Lincolnwood, Ill., it boasts more than 4600 member firms including most of the major manufacturers and distributors in the cleaning industry. Its annual convention, ISSA/INTERCLEAN, to be held Oct. 15-18, 2002, in Las Vegas, is expected to attract more than 17,000 visitors.