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ISSA Opposes EPA’s Proposed Container Standards

June 28, 2000
The International Sanitary Supply Association, Inc., strenuously opposes the Environmental Protection Agency’s revised container proposal, which would impact an estimated 70% of antimicrobial products, including disinfectants and sanitizers. The ISSA noted that the EPA’s proposed coverage of animicrobial products was in direct conflict with a provision of FIFRA, which specifically exempts such products from the proposed container standards.

The ISSA encouraged the EPA to adopt an approach that grants a broad exemption for antimicrobial pesticides but allows EPA the discretion to apply the container standards to certain antimicrobial products on a case-by-case basis if the agency determines that such product must be “subject to such provisions to prevent an unreasonable adverse effect on the environment.” ISSA further encouraged EPA to modify its current proposal by exempting institutional disinfectants and sanitizers packaged in containers of five gallons or less.

The EPA is now reviewing all submitted comments and expects to issue a final rule within the next several months.