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It's the Little Things That Can Make All the Difference

August 9, 2008

When I recall my first experience with a truckmount some 30 years ago, I realize that, while much has changed, the basics are still the same. The idea behind using a truckmount was to bring additional heat, pressure, and vacuum to the carpet that the portables of the day could not deliver.

This hasn’t changed. Bigger, more powerful truckmounts are still being designed to bring high levels of heat, pressure and vacuum to the carpet. 

What has changed are the tools and accessories available to the truckmount operator. As always, a few of these items have just recently been invented or improved, so let’s get right to it and take a look at what making its way to the marketplace to make your cleaning more productive.

The Super Strap is designed to make your hose handling chores easier than ever. This particular strap has no metal pieces, so there is less chance of damaging your customer’s home. It has several uses, making it an extremely versatile gadget.

Hose handling is always a challenge. When running the wands and power tools on the carpet, we are continually dealing with the vacuum and pressure hose getting in the way. One unique use of the Super Strap is to strap the hose to your belt while you are running the cleaning tools. This gets the hose up off the floor so you don’t have to give it a kick every few seconds, and takes away the drag you often experience when moving the wand that has you pulling against the hose. Not everyone will initially feel comfortable with this application, but most professionals love this new, easy method of dealing with the hose while cleaning.

Secondary uses for this heavy-duty gadget include wrapping the hose for carrying and storage, securing hose to balconies for long vertical runs, or strapping the hose to staircases.

The Handy Hook takes the good idea that is the Hose Hook (which has been available for years) and makes it even more user friendly. Getting the hose out of the way while cleaning stairs makes life that much easier; the original Hose Hook does this, but you must carry it separately and keep track of it. The Handy Hook performs the same function but, when not in use, the hook will fold into the strap where it can be stored on the hose or even the wand until needed. This is one of those little things that make a big difference. 

I am sure most of you are familiar with the Velcro strap used to attach the vacuum and pressure hoses together. Distributors have offered them for years, and they are a great addition for managing hose. These straps are easy to use and remove when needed. A heavy-duty version has recently been introduced. While the cost may be up to twice as much as the original, we have found these straps lasting more than five times longer. That’s a good value of which you may want to take advantage.

I hope you will find these small accessories valuable. Small things really can make all the difference when it comes to making your jobs more productive and enjoyable.