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Jancentral.Com Makes Headlines in NY Times

April 17, 2001
New York (PRNewswire) -- Robert Kravitz, JanSan industry speaker, writer, and VP at janCentral.com, was recently highlighted in the New York Times on his History of Vacuum Cleaners lecture. The half page article covered Mr. Kravitz's "obsession" with vacuum cleaners and referred to him as America's "foremost historian on vacuum cleaners."

The article points out how Kravitz has been invited to speak around the country on the subject. Though this may seem an unusual, even dry topic, with over 100 images and photos, he presents the history of vacuum cleaners, their early inventors and creators, in a lively, fun and entertaining manner.

Kravitz talk concludes with his vacuum cleaner predictions. According to Kravitz, vacuum cleaners will be cordless and be worn on our backs. Backpack models are already available.