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Jansan Company Finds Value in Twitter/Facebook

December 16, 2009

Peterborough, ON, Canada – Dec 16, 2009 - Twitter, the micro-blogging service, has grown significantly over the past year. However, some, especially many in the professional cleaning industry, wonder if it will really become a worthy business tool.

  Studies indicate that most Twitter users visit the site for purely personal reasons; however, a growing number of companies are now using Twitter for legitimate business purposes.

  “Many businesses use Twitter to help promote their company or products,” says Mike Sawchuk, Vice President and General Manager of Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of Green cleaning chemicals, “or they try to find out what other [Twitter] users are saying about them.”

  Enviro-Solutions opened a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/ProvenGreen) as well as a Facebook account about three months ago. “Our main goal has been to promote Green cleaning and sustainability,” says Sawchuk.

  He says the two sites have proven valuable.  According to Sawchuk, they have helped the company become more visible on the Internet, interact with distributors and end customers, and enhance search engine optimization.

  Sawchuk adds that one of the surprises using Twitter is who is “following” the site-regularly reading the company’s updates.

  “We have aspiring models, actors and actresses, and even a guy who calls himself Mr. Fitness following us,” says Sawchuk. “But we also have businesses, leading industry and building associations such as ISSA, IFMA, and IEHA, as well as CNN and even its chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. As long as they are interested in Green, that’s all that’s important to me.”