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Katy Industries Names New President

February 20, 2001
Englewood, Colo. -- Katy Industries, Inc.’s Board of Directors have elected Robert M. Baratta as President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director of the company. He succeeds John R. Prann, Jr. (50), who resigned today.

Baratta served as an officer of Katy or a Katy subsidiary from 1990 through 2000. He was Executive Vice President of the Company from 1995 to 2000. Before joining Katy, Baratta (71) had been President and Chief Executive Officer of UOP, Inc.

Katy Industries, Inc. is a diversified corporation with interests primarily in Electrical/Electronics and Maintenance Products. The Maintenance Products Group business units include: comprising this group are: Contico International, L.L.C. (Contico); Glit/Disco, Inc. (Disco); Duckback Products, Inc. (Duckback); Glit/Microtron Abrasives (Glit/Microtron); Glit/Gemtex Abrasives (Gemtex); Loren Products (Loren); and Wilen Products, Inc. (Wilen).