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Kleenrite Chemical's No Limit: Faster, Better, Safer

January 3, 2012

No Limit is a completely odorless deodorizer, permanently eliminating foul odors caused by urine, skunk, smoke, mildew, organic decay and more.

No Limit is a completely odorless deodorizer! No Limit permanently eliminates foul odors caused by urine, skunk, smoke, mildew, organic decay, petroleum fumes, garbage and more. It does not cover-up or mask foul odors with the addition of overpowering fragrances. Instead it alters the molecular structure of malodors in a way that renders them undetectable-an invaluable tool in odor eradication! For more info, visit http://www.kleen.com/featured/index.php or call 800-553-3678.

In field use for over five years, No Limit has an unbeatable record of destroying obstinate odors. Read on for case studies of real-world problems that No Limit solved where all others failed.

Cigarette Smoke
Smoke room (for 15 years) converted into non-smoking break room. Many products were fogged in an attempt to remove the odor; even replacement for drywall, carpet and new paint had little effect. Smoke odor was completely eliminated by a single fog application of No Limit into room and above drop ceiling.

Condemned House
Abandoned for 18 months. House was urine-soaked, inundated with dog feces and had severe mouse infestation. Odor completely eliminated by fogging and direct spray application of No Limit throughout interior and crawlspace.

Retirement Home
Persistent odor issues due to patient incontinence. Every type of deodorizer used over course of several months with no improvement. No Limit used as last resort on mattresses: proved effective in completely eliminating odor. Cleaning technician was swamped with requests from other patients for the same treatment in their rooms.

Skunk killed by dogs. Fumes traveled throughout entire home affecting everything from upholstery to shower curtains. Odors were completely eliminated by spray application and atomization of No Limit.

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