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Knowing Just Enough to be Dangerous

May 10, 2008

It's always fun to read the happy, encouraging things various media outlets are saying about the carpet cleaning industry.

I spend a portion of every day surfing around in the shoes of the potential carpet-cleaning client, clicking on this and that as though I were considering having my carpets cleaned and wanted to do a little research first. Here's a delightful little something floating around out there that I came across late last week:

“According to the EPA, health effects of organic pollutants include eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, liver, kidney and central nervous system damage. The fumes given off by carpet cleaners can cause cancer and liver damage. Many cleaning agents yield high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including glycol ethers, which are regulated toxic air containments, and terpenes that can react with ozone to form secondary pollutants including formaldehyde and ultra-fine particles.”

(Click here for the entire story.)

Here’s the thing: while you may have the knowledge and experience to put this information in context, odds are the homeowner opening her door to you does not. The battle to win over new clients is fought not only with results, but with information. The more you have to offer, the easier it will be to quell the fears, ease the mind and gain the trust of your clientele.