ICS Magazine


May 9, 2003

There are a lot of good courses and really good instructors in this industry. Barry Costa, absolutely one of the best instructors you can find, just taught a water damage restoration course in our area. But another really great learning resource is the connection that we make between cleaners, and more importantly, between members.

There’s something about a CFI meeting environment that just brings up the barriers, and just leads to lots of sharing of experiences and strategies and even jobs. We go from being competitors to being cleaning pals. Our conventions really showcase this sharing attitude, when we have CFI members from all areas of California, Arizona and Nevada coming to the same town to learn and connect.

We realize that as cleaners and business owners, we share the same frustrations and challenges, and we can learn from those who have solved their problems and see just how they did it. We learn not only from the experts on the convention program, but more importantly from everyone in the audience, cleaners just like you and me.

CFI puts on one of the best conventions in the industry, and every year the board thinks of how to make it even better. This year, we think we’ve done it.

Connections 2003
Think of how much you learned at the last convention … and then multiply that tenfold. That’s what is happening this year, as we team up with regional associations from all over the United States and beyond to create one huge convention and trade show in Las Vegas.

An educational program with some of the biggest names in the cleaning and the restoration industries, including Barry Costa, Tom Hill, Joe Polish, Ed Cross, Jim Holland, Patrick Moffett, Bob Wittkamp and more. A trade show like nothing we have ever seen in the professional cleaning industry, with more than 100 indoor and outdoor exhibits and tons of convention special offers! Cleaners from the East, West, North and South as well as overseas, all coming together to connect for an event that will be unparalleled in size and value. Plus …

We Are Turning 50!!!
The CFI will be celebrating 50 years of excellence at this event. Can you believe it? And we’re still running around educating and connecting cleaners like a teenager! Just more proof that we all get better the older we get. And smarter too, which is why I just know that you will be at this first-ever, nationwide joint-association extravaganza. You will be sure to register early, and get your hotel reservations early too, because this will certainly be a sell-out, and you don’t want to miss it. The information you will learn, the people you will meet, the products you will see, the success “secrets” you will discover will make your small investment of money and time result in amazing rewards for you and your company.

Log on to the CFI web site at www.carpet9.org, and hit the “Connections 2003” link for the most up-to-date program information and to register on-line. Go black out the dates now on your calendar (October 2-4) as a business trip for you, and a fun trip for your family (they deserve some time away from home too!). Looking forward to connecting with you in Las Vegas! And since I’m president, I can tell you already that, by executive order, the CFI birthday cake will be chocolate.