ICS Magazine

Letter to the Editor

April 11, 2005
Re: "Dri-Eaz Calls for Third-Party Certification" (February 2005)

To the editor:
I cannot agree more with the stance that Dri-Eaz is taking and it is long overdue. For too long water restoration contractors have been misled about the performance of the equipment they are purchasing, only to find it cannot perform to their needs on actual water losses. Since I am rarely called upon to remediate water losses at AHAM Laboratories, but more frequently at a home or a business, the performance of equipment in other than AHAM conditions should be made available.

On a recent loss here in New Jersey I was confronted with a 6,000-square-foot residence frozen outside and in. With no heat in the building, I could find no reliable information on weather or not my LGR's would be challenged or indeed perform at all. Would they work to 90% capacity, or 50% or less? So we need to commend Bill Bruders of Dri-Eaz for recognizing the need for not only accuracy but truth in advertising.

I suggest we start with the actual performance of LGR's at 30 degrees and at each 10-degree interval higher. If the performance of an LGR is only 25% of the AHAM rating at say 40 degrees, we would know to use twelve LGR's instead of the recommended three at these lower temperatures. A simple graph showing LGR performance at all temperatures aside from AHAM is long overdue.

The knowledge that there can be a wide range of performance of LGR's at different temperatures would allow restoration contractors to be certain they have enough equipment on a job based on the conditions of that job. Once again I thank Bill Bruders for bringing a concern to the surface that now can be addressed.

Charles Cressy
President, Water Out Drying Corporation

Re: Stan Hulin

Dear Stanley:
I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your articles. When I got into the janitorial business in 1994, I thought it would be an inexpensive start-up business. I'll never forget my first strip-and-wax job. I never had anyone to physically show me how to go through the process; it was turned out great, but what comedy of errors!!! I have learned a lot since then, and I keep learning as I continue through. Your writing style and sequence of events really hit home with me. It's a good feeling to me whenever I read what you recommend, and it's usually the procedure that I have learned through the school of hard knocks. Thank you, and I look forward to reading your articles in the future.

Doug Moerschbacher
President, Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning Service
Pleasant Gap, Penn.