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Letters to the Editor: Dry & VLM Cleaning Systems, Joe Domin

May 7, 2001
ICS Cleaning Specialist readers speak out.

Re: Dry and VLM Cleaning Systems

I read this article in the February 2001 issue with interest. As the developer of the patented Dry Mist Systems for Carpets, it’s encouraging to see more practitioners recognizing the value of dry carpet cleaning as integral parts of carpet care.

Barry Cutler, president of Cleantronics Inc.

Re: Joe Domin’s columns

I enjoy reading your articles in ICS Cleaning Specialist magazine, especially the one titled “The Ideas That Bind Us Together,” which appeared in the July 2000 issue. I have been cleaning for 28 years. I had the opportunity to meet you at Prochem’s Chandler, Ariz., facility when I was helping another cleaner. I have also used your suggestions to help a client in carpet cleaning in The Express Credit Card Building in northwest Phoenix.

In your article, you mentioned the importance of “sharing to improve the relationship of carpet cleaners.”

If you and the others that I have called for help from time to time wouldn’t have shared, I would have too many trials and errors! I have been very successful in carpet cleaning, cleaning what others won’t. I depend on your articles.

There are some things I have not been able to conquer: asphalt, walk-off mats, and ice melters.

The industry needs to share and it will help. The same goes for education of cleaners and we need a way to educate the customer. If the customer knew what to expect, then the uneducated would have a hard time!

Thank you for all you have contributed and helped the industry. I’m just a Master Cleaner still learning.

George Whitefield, C & H Maintenance of Traverse City, Mich.

I was just reading the article on “Cleaning Up With Enzymes” (April 2001 ICS Cleaning Specialist). Great, informative article! Thanks Joe.

Richard Glaser Jr., Carpet Plus, Hartford County, Conn.

Re: ASCR's redemption of stock in IICRC

From what I have heard from ASCR and IICRC representatives, it seems that they will be working together to foster a reciprocal relationship with one another. That “credits” from one will apply toward courses held by another—similar to how credits are transferable from one college to another. ASCR has been the biggest source of IICRC certified technicians and firms than all of the other regional associations, and they have always shown support to IICRC, so I do not think that IICRC would want to end that type of reciprocal relationship.

ASCR has always structured good relationships with regional Trade Associations, and CFI has worked with ASCR in the past to the benefit of both organizations. IICRC also has been supportive of associations and has shown an intent to be even more supportive in the future. So from the standpoint of a trade association, this change of shareholder status does not affect us either positively or negatively. From the standpoint of a cleaner, I see this as opening up more educational opportunities and choices for everyone.

Lisa Wagner, CFI Secretary-Treasurer