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Letters to the Editor: Sharing Knowledge

September 11, 2000
ICS On-Line: How Sharing Knowledge Has Become a Reality!

When I thought about what to write for my 1000 post, I was at a loss. I had no eternal words of wisdom to share, nor did I have the cleaning tip to turn the industry upside down. I did not have the miracle cure for furniture spots, or the answer about protectors. But…what I do have, I will not trade for all the wealth of the world. I have knowledge, knowledge about cleaning, knowledge about health, and most importantly, knowledge about human life.

My first observation about this and other boards that struck me as interesting is tolerance. We are all different, some tall; some short (that is me). Some have been in the industry for more years than I have been alive, and some are just starting. Some have every certification under the sun, and some are still waiting to attend a class. Some are married, some are single, but the one thing that I enjoyed the most about our tolerance, is the tolerance of age. We have the old PadMan, the Wise old grasshopper, various gurus, and then there is me. I started as the youngest certified owner the IICRC had ever seen. They welcomed me with open arms.

I came first to the Delco board as a young kid without a clue, that changed rapidly. I then ventured to CleanFax and learned more than I thought possible…until now. I signed on to ICS on the first day and remained a “lurker” for quite some time. I was frightened to show my ignorance. I made my inquiries privately through e-mail, and they all were answered. I then became an active poster and learned more and more each day. Through experience and trial and error, I too have developed into a so-called expert in some areas. I have felt more acceptance here than anywhere else I have been. Everyone here accepted me as an equal and helped me with my problems. The ultimate feeling of being someone came when a lurker e-mailed me about a question.

I have shared many a laugh here...I would just like to thank each and every one of you for making the dream of an interactive forum for the sharing of knowledge a reality. Brandon J. Miller