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Lighter Than Air

October 18, 2004
LONDON - Oct.18 - (Daily Mirror) - A British inventor hopes to hit pay dirt with his revolutionary floating vacuum cleaner.

The Airider hovers an eighth of an inch off the floor with a suction speed of more than 200mph - faster than a Ferrari Modena's 184-mph top speed. The wheel-less vacuum is the brainchild of Scottish-born Mike Rooney.

Made by Osprey in Scarborough, it took eight years to perfect but now 80 countries are queuing up to sell it. Rooney, 44, a former door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, said, "I've always had this dream of designing a weightless vacuum which glides across the room, won't damage floors and takes the chore out of cleaning. But each time I approached a major player, they wanted to take Airider over and I didn't want to sell out."

The father of two added, "It's been a long hard slog and my family have had to put up with an awful lot. But hopefully their faith and all the hard work will be worth it."

Airider will fly into shops next month and cost about £250.