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LMCCA becomes IICRC Shareholder

December 10, 2009

Nov 29, 2009 – Grandview, MO- the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner’s Association (LMCCA) announces its purchase of Shares to becoming a Shareholder in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). With the purchase, the LMCCA becomes the IICRC’s first new shareholder since 2003. The IICRC Shareholders approved the purchase of shares by the LMCCA in their October 2009 shareholder meeting in Vancouver, Washington.

IICRC shareholders are comprised of groups from within or affiliated with the cleaning, restoration and inspection industries. As a new shareholder, LMCCA does not have a seat on the board of directors but does have the same rights, privileges and obligations as other shareholders, including the ability to help shape policy, standards and bylaws via participation in semi-annual shareholder meetings.

 “This is a very proud moment for the LMCCA.  It culminates several years of hard work, aspiring to gain greater acceptance and greater visibility in the cleaning, restoration and inspection industries.  We are very pleased,” said Mark Warner, president of LMCCA.  “The LMCCA has been involved in the IICRC at multiple levels Including Standards, Technical Advisory Committee, Tasks Forces and other committees and we believe that the purchase of IICRC Shares is an expression of our ongoing belief  in the IICRC and its goals,” said Lonnie McDonald, LMCCA Executive Director and Founder.

 “LMCCA members have been strong supporters of the IICRC for years, serving on committees and task forces and chairing technical advisory groups,” said Paul Pearce, IICRC board chairman. “The IICRC is pleased to welcome LMCCA to the shareholder ranks and looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship in the years ahead.”

The LMCCA is a non-profit trade association that aims to increase the awareness and knowledge of low moisture carpet cleaning methodologies in order to gain world wide acceptance of the viability of low moisture carpet cleaning systems. These systems are used by professional carpet cleaning technicians in order to provide the best possible carpet cleaning system dictated by the carpet itself and the unique environment in which it is in service.  The LMCCA currently has more than 1,350 member locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Italy.

For more information about the LMCCA, please visit www.lmcca.org. For information about the IICRC, please visit www.iicrc.org.