ICS Magazine

Looking For a Clean Sweep

April 17, 2003
One of the self-imposed mandates Commercial Floor Care works to adhere to is a commitment to theme. That is, what the editorial calendar promises, we try our best to deliver. And with a few missteps, we usually hit our target.

The Spring 2003 issue was developed with a focus on clean, specifically on the standards for and the conditions the techniques by which desired levels of cleanliness are achieved. We’re pretty confident that we’re right on the mark.

Michael Weber of 3M’s Commercial Care Division takes no half measures with his approach to “Setting a Standard for Cleaning Floors,” an overall look at what goes into setting a maintainable standard for a facility’s floors. “Cleaning Standards: They’re Not as Easy as They Seem” by William Atkinson examines the various methods by which a school district facility training supervisor and a director of commercial services meet the demands of both environment and budget.

“How Clean is Clean?” wonders Kaivac’s Tom Morrison. He tries to answer that question by considering the impact of some others, including, “What is the facility’s function?” “What is the desired image of the organization?” and “What resources are available?” among others.

Bob Merkt answers the concerns of facilities managers charged with designing a program in “Hard Surface Floor Cleaning, Standards and Procedures.” A plan can’t be well executed if it’s not a well thought-out plan.

CFC Editorial Assistant Michael Chmielecki looks at the ways in which manufacturers test their equipment in “The Standard of Clean: How Companies Decide When a Product is Ready for Market.” All the posturing in the world won’t help a machine that doesn’t perform to the level it is designed for; the proof is in the testing.

And don’t forget, CFC always presents the latest and greatest in new products and industry news. Take a look for yourself and see if you don’t agree.