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Low moisture cleaning organization opens membership door

December 17, 2001
The Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA) is opening its membership nationwide starting Jan. 1.

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- The Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA) is opening its membership nationwide starting Jan. 1.

The LMCCA is comprised of carpet cleaners and Industry Partners supporting the furthering of low moisture cleaning. Its main goals include representing low moisture interest to the carpet cleaning industry as well as educating cleaners in a hands-on setting, according to Lonnie McDonald, LMCCA president.

The LMCCA (www.lmcca.org) is looking to open The School of Low Moisture Cleaning Technology (SMLCT) by 2003 as a hands-on training center for the operation of all low moisture methods. The school's intent will be to offer an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) course in CCT as part of its courses.

"There is a very serious need for low moisture cleaners to be represented and taken care of in our industry," said McDonald. "To this we have put together a membership that includes group health, workers comp, etc."

According to McDonald, the LMCCA vision is to unite all low moisture systems under one umbrella to ensure Uniform Cleaning Standards, Client Relations, Business Ethics, Education, Technical Support, Research and Development, and Interaction between the IICRC, mills, magazines and other organizations.

"It is our goal to bring respectability to low moisture cleaning," said McDonald. "Part of the concern we see is the lack of training in low moisture systems and the unsupported myth that low moisture isn't restorative. The LMCCA will be pushing for equality of definitions in the S-100 Cleaning Standard."

McDonald added, "We have found our involvement with IICRC as very rewarding and hope to continue supporting the cleaners we represent. It has been our concern that the industry really doesn't see the potential of low moisture systems as primary methods. We think that all methods are great and that cleaners should be tool masters. We also believe that cleaners and the mills should hold low moisture in the same respectful position as HWE."

The LMCCA and VLM Central will be hosting a festival/convention in Atlanta in June. It will have hands on training and projects an IICRC class in CCT. All those wishing to attend may contact Lonnie McDonald at (816) 966-9065 or Mark Stanley at vlmcentral@yahoo.com.

Membership in the LMCCA is open to all that who use low moisture as a primary method or in conjunction with another method. The LMCCA membership is also open to Industry Partners, defined by LMCCA as companies that manufacture low moisture equipment or chemicals. LMCCA "believes that all cleaning related businesses should pull together to make the industry a better place for those who work in it, while instilling client confidence in those who use us," McDonald said.