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Manufacturers, Distributors Join Cleanwise to Launch Cleanwise.com

March 14, 2001
Marlborough, Mass. (PRNewswire) -- Cleanwise has launched an Internet procurement solution for the $20 billion jan/san industry. Cleanwise.com completed its beta program and is now available as a cleaning product and information procurement solution for multi-location businesses.

Cleanwise.com is supported by strategic partnerships with some of the industry's leading companies, including Himolene, Johnson Wax Professional, Kimberly Clark, 3M, NSS, and Rubbermaid.

The site enables large, multi-location businesses to purchase cleaning supplies, information, and related services on the Web and has been structured to benefit end-users, manufacturers, and distributors by automating the existing supply chain, rather than creating an alternative one.

In addition, Cleanwise provides 24-hour access to all of the critical information that operations personnel need to do their jobs, including: training, technical, and troubleshooting information; Material safety data sheets and OSHA regulations; Personal accounts with reporting capabilities.