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Matrix Fresh Family Deodorizers Introduces Linen Fresh

July 2, 2008

Research has shown that Linen fragrances are among the most popular scents used by consumers today. The smell of fresh linen evokes positive, calming emotions that leave people feeling content and relaxed, so it’s no wonder that it’s used in dozens of popular perfumes, air fresheners and fabric sprays to keep homes smelling clean and inviting.

With that in mind, the chemists at Matrix carefully developed a clean, light, natural aroma that all users would enjoy – Linen Fresh.

Linen Fresh is the newest addition to the Matrix Fresh Family of carpet deodorizers. It’s perfect for adding to cleaning solutions, shampoos, mop water – you can even dilute it with water for wiping down sinks, counters and other hard surfaces.

For many people, if it doesn’t smell clean, it isn’t clean. So before you leave a customer’s home, apply Linen Fresh to clean carpeting. You’ll be amazed at how effective this soft fragrance can be!

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