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Mellon Dedicates 'Green' Client Service Center

January 19, 2001
Mellon Financial Corp. has unveiled Pittsburgh’s newest 'Green' facility -- the Mellon Client Service Center.

Pittsburgh, Pa. -- Mellon Financial Corp. has formally unveiled Pittsburgh’s newest facility -- the Mellon Client Service Center. By June, more than 3,000 Mellon employees will have moved into the newly built 750,000 sq. ft. environmentally friendly and aware 14-story building, located on a site that had been a vacant eyesore for nearly two decades.

The decision to build the Mellon Client Service Center on this site avoided the possible disturbance of a suburban greenfield site that could have disrupted natural habitats or wetlands. Other environmentally progressive features of the building include: An energy-efficient glass system with a high performance coating that achieves a high level of natural daylight, while minimizing summer heat gain and winter heat loss; Motion detectors to control lighting in areas of intermittent use, so these areas are only lit when occupied; The use of central fan stations that remove fine dust, pollens, smoke and even some bacteria before circulating air throughout the building (95% particulate filtration); and A selection of building materials that focuses on recycled materials. For example, a biodegradable and recyclable roofing material that has a life expectancy three times that of standard roofing systems, recyclable carpet, and reusable furniture.