ICS Magazine

Metamorphosis: A Tale of an Industry

June 28, 2000
It never fails. Each year, around this time of the year, we turn into social butterflies. There we were, feeling secure in our self-made winter cocoons, and then it happens: summer comes along and a metamorphosis takes place. We’re out and about, fluttering from one social gathering and function to another. And somewhere in between, there is real work to be done. How do we do it? Why do we do it? Stand aside while I step on my soapbox for a bit.

Humans, as social animals, need the security of being surrounded by others. We need to know we’re not alone in our respective fields, especially in the cleaning and restoration industries. That’s where social arenas—conventions, trade shows, bulletin boards—come into play. I have always watched in amazement when diverse groups of people from varying backgrounds come together for similar interests. Such a thing has happened on ICS’ bulletin board. The camaraderie that has developed on the bulletin board is mind-boggling. Gathering and sharing information is vital to our industry. Therefore, on the heels of 3M’s recent announcement of Scotchgard’s phase out by December 2000, this month’s issue of ICS features a study conducted by DuPont’s Charles Strickler, a study initially presented during the 2000 ASCR convention. I feel you can never have too much information on a topic, especially if it affects your livelihood.

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