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MilliCare Dry Carpet Maintenance Method CRI-certified As Deep Cleaning System

May 29, 2007

LaGRANGE, Ga., May 23, 2007 – MilliCare, a premier carpet and textile maintenance company, has the first dry-based professional cleaning method to be awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Seal of Approval for Deep Cleaning Systems.

MilliCare’s proprietary cleaning products were previously CRI certified as effective for cleaning and spot removal, but the new seal extends certification to MilliCare’s unique combination of equipment, dry cleaning polymer, pre-mist and procedures: the cleaning system itself.

“CRI has so far only approved hot water extraction machines or systems for the deep cleaning seal of approval, so we’re especially proud to be the first dry-based system to earn certification in this category,” said Stephen Lewis, MilliCare’s technical director. “The testing is extremely rigorous, and it confirms our position that MilliCare’s proprietary dry system is an effective choice when choosing a deep extraction system.”

To pass muster as a CRI certified system, deep cleaning methods must show an acceptable rate of soil removal, and if applicable water removal, and must do so without damaging the carpet’s fibers or altering its texture. The system shouldn’t attract dirt quickly after cleaning, called a high rate of “resoiling,” and should not alter the carpet color. The test also checks that the pH of the carpet cleaning products is in a safe range and that they contain no optical brighteners.

In addition to their proven effectiveness, MilliCare cleaning products are nontoxic, low-emitting and environmentally preferable. MilliCare’s dry system can remove allergens and other pollutants from carpet, contributing to better indoor air quality for a building’s occupants.

CRI created the Seal of Approval program to help consumers and companies choose effective, non-damaging carpet cleaning methods and products. The institute’s independent testing laboratory uses a variety of sophisticated tests to measure efficacy, such as x-ray fluorescence technology, a method of soil analysis used by NASA in the Space Shuttle program.