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Minuteman offers Bio-Haz Vac

February 1, 2002
Designed for hazardous mold remediation

Minuteman International Inc. has introduced the Bio-Haz Vac, a vacuum designed for the remediation of hazardous molds. According to the company, the vacuum is also designed for the removal and containment of Anthrax spores and for viral particulate collection.

The Bio-Haz Vac's five-stage filter system uses an Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filter, which provides a level of 99.999 percent efficiency at 0.12-micron size particulates, according to the company. The machine is designed for dry-only pick-up with models available in 6- and 15-gallon units (115V and 240V). The Bio-Haz Vac can also be used for general, non-hazardous cleaning applications.