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MMLJ to distribute ARMEX Blast Media line

April 15, 2008

HOUSTON, TX – MMLJ, manufacturer of SodaBlast Systems, announces a partnering with The ArmaKleen Company to distribute ARMEX Maintenance Formula XL Blast Media. “Soda blasting has become the choice of many shops since this system is a non-abrasive cleaning and coating removal method which can be safely used on almost all surfaces. The superior precision cleaning capability makes it also appealing to engine rebuilders and other markets looking for a greener cleaning solution. Partnering the pioneer of soda blasting equipment with the originator of baking soda media was a logical next step,” the company said.

Delia Downes, ARMEX Product Manager, remarks “One of the most attractive aspects about this partnership is the single-minded focus of SodaBlast Systems to promote the technology and continue to develop equipment options that meet application demand. Now they are able to provide their customers with a formulated bicarbonate abrasive to complement the SodaBlast Systems equipment.”