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Mold Boot Camps slated

September 24, 2001
Video-Aire/Enviro-Mold has slated Mold Boot Camps for October and November.

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Since Enviro-Mold IAQ Services' new Hands-On Mold Remediation Training Seminars went nationwide, the company has increased its educational front line in mold remediation.

The company has spent the past year making mold work its primary focus, and has been bringing its considerable expertise to others interested in profiting from this fast-growing industry. Its Mold Boot Camp 2001 focuses on the practical, rather than the theoretical, teaching not only containment and removal techniques, but also how to market and efficiently run a mold remediation business, including working with insurance companies, handling clients, and presenting complete clearance documentation.

Enviro-Mold has announced additional Mold Boot Camps for Oct. 24-26 in Buffalo, N.Y., and Nov. 14-16 in Baltimore, Md. For more information, contact the company at (888) 595-4393, or visit their Web site at www.enviromold.com.

Video-Aire/Enviro-Mold has more than five years experience in the asbestos/hazardous materials abatement industry, 25 years experience in the HVAC systems/duct cleaning industry, and 14 years in the construction/restoration industry. It specializes in mold remediation and HVAC decontamination services, improving indoor air quality in homes, businesses and schools by providing remediation services for commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal applications.