ICS Magazine

Mytee upgrades the Flood Hog

November 2, 2010

The 7000DX Flood Hog is an upgrade of the 7000 Flood Hog, which for years “has offered features not found in most other manufacturers’ flood extractors, including a discharge pumping rate of 70 gallons per minute, more than twice that of competing models, and an accessories package that includes an adjustable flood wand and two heads,” the company said.

“We’ve added a second three-stage vacuum motor, increasing the CFM from 115 to 230,” said Mytee President John LaBarbera. “The water lift has also been increased to 144 inches. The extractor can also run on a single cord, providing 115 CFM. A check valve built into the unit closes the non-running motor and prevents air leaks, maintaining full suction by the operating motor.”