ICS Magazine

N.T.A. N-O-W

August 7, 2008
ICS publisher Evan Kessler jumps into the fray with his thoughts on the neccessity of a national trade association for the cleaning industry.

There is a lot of talk about developing a National Trade Association. Connections, the trade show that is a product of 13 cleaning and restoration trade associations, has been running this idea up the flagpole and at least two national (indeed international) trade associations already exist. So what?

In my 20-plus years of watching this industry as a member of the ICS team, I have always felt that this industry lacks the credibility and respect that the professionals in it deserve. This credibility and respect comes from having a cohesive group that professionals in the field are proud to be a part of and it becomes the icon of the profession. Some might say that this exists in the IICRC, but the IICRC does not operate as an association, has no members and therefore can’t provide the benefits that members of a trade association need, want and deserve.

Leaders from the various associations have been pow-wowing to decide which of these organizations is going to drive this necessary movement. Personally, I have no horse in the race, and don’t care which of the group of various acronyms and egos ends up being the force of this movement, only that it succeed and that the cleaners and restorers have ONE major industry voice that sings a song of professionalism.