ICS Magazine

New floor finish provides low-odor alternative

May 7, 2008

JohnsonDiversey Inc., recently announced the introduction of FrescoMax TM/MC, a durable, low-odor floor finish solution.

“FrescoMax’s low odor properties and quick dry time empowers cleaners, enabling them to finish floors while building occupants are on premise,” said Christopher Cypcar, product manager for JohnsonDiversey. “With other products, floor finishing can only be completed at night when fewer people are around. FrescoMax increases cleaners’ productivity, allowing them to schedule floor finishing at a convenient time.”

FrescoMax offers a 25 percent solids formula, producing “high-gloss build and provides excellent mark and scratch resistance,” the company said. FrescoMax uses an innovative formula that requires less ammonia than traditional products, reducing the smell associated with floor finishing.