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New IICRC Survey Results Reveal Consumer Trends

October 10, 2002
VANCOUVER, WA (October 7, 2002) - The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification recently conducted a national consumer survey in an effort to understand consumers' awareness of the cleaning and restoration industry. The institute's findings reveal a wealth of statistics that will aid IICRC-Certified Firms in future customer support and satisfaction.

One significant discovery involves the moving industry. According to the survey's results, approximately 20 percent of all surveyed consumers hire a cleaning professional either immediately before or after they relocate. The results may open a window of opportunity for the two home-related industries.

"This is common," says Maryscott C. Tuck, director of training for the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). "Contracting cleaning professionals has been and will continue to be a part of the moving process. In addition, consumers, either on their own or through a moving company, will have 'maid service' immediately following move-in to start the new home off as cleanly as possible . . . even the cleanest will become soiled as part of the moving process, dust stirring as a result of long placed furniture being moved, etc."

Options for the two industries to team up may include either referrals or contracts. The first would be for a mover or realtor to simply refer a customer to the cleaning services that are available in the immediate area and allow the customer and the cleaning service to work out times and prices. The second option is for the mover to actually have a standing contract with cleaning services, by which arrangements for the service would be made on behalf of the customer and contract rates would then be billed to the company.

The IICRC sponsored a consumer survey to understand trends and perceptions about the cleaning and restoration industries. Issues ranging from consumer concerns about indoor environmental quality to what they look for in selecting a professional were studied, and dozens of meaningful insights were gained. The results of the survey will become available to IICRC registrants later this year.