ICS Magazine

New to the Web

June 28, 2000
Customers can now browse Jon-Don’s products and place orders anytime on the Internet at www.jondon.com. The site features an on-screen display of the order (including a running dollar total) and e-mail notification of order totals and tracking numbers after shipping.

PMF has launched its website at www.pmftools.com. Although no orders can be placed through the website, you can view the company’s products and contact them through e-mail. See your local distributor for PMF cleaning supplies.

Rainbow International, carpet and upholstery care and restoration franchisors, has introduced its jobline at www.jobs.rainbowintl.com to help professionals nationwide investigate career opportunities at the company’s existing locations and expanding territories. All inquiries will be forwarded to the appropriate locations and responded to on an individual basis if an employment opportunity exists.