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New Website Takes Aim at Bleach and Effective Mold Cleaning

May 28, 2008

WILMINGTON, Mass., May 20/PRNewswire/ -- Using bleach or popular bleach-based sprays on spring and summer mold problems is like weeding with a lawnmower: a temporary, cosmetic fix with zero lasting impact.  The simple fact: bleach does not kill mold's roots, so spraying bleach on household mold is like inviting it to come again, real soon.

Moldex Brands “is out to set the record straight” through www.bleachdoesntkillmold.com. The site “exposes common misconceptions about bleach and mold,” the company said.

While damper spring and summer weather nurtures mold growth, mold can happen most anywhere.  Even typically dry, hot states like Arizona are breeding grounds for mold in wall cavities, where condensation from non-stop air conditioner use comes in contact with warmer surfaces closer to the home's exterior.

"Come more humid weather, people who take exceptional care of their homes simply shouldn't have to accept that 'mold just comes back' every week or so," said Bryan Redler, CEO of EnviroCare Corp., owner of Moldex Brands.

"Our message is simple: bleach is effective for many household cleaning jobs, but not for mold," Redler said.  "When you get the facts, you quickly understand why our products, designed expressly to fight mold, simply work better at both eliminating and preventing mold and mildew at home."