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April 2, 2012
The Professional Association of Cleaning & Restoration (PACR) is ready for spring!

The Professional Association of Cleaning & Restoration (PACR) is ready for spring! 

Join us on April 5-6, along with instructor Ruth Travis, for The Clean Trust Color Repair Technician Course (CRT) in Denver at ADCO Pro Cleaning Supply. This class will address not only the different types of dyes and fibers, but also the history of color and the dying procedures. PACR members receive $50 off this class. 

Also, spend a night networking with PACR during the second PACR Power Meeting of 2012, where the topic of the night will be “Upholstery… Cleaning, Methods, & Identification.” This event will be held following the CRT at ADCO Pro Cleaning Supply on Thursday, April 5. Larry Cooper, of Textile Consultants, and Shawn Bisaillon, of PCS of Denver, and a Clean Trust instructor will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions relating to upholstery cleaning.  They are also bringing in special guest Jim Orlin, of Front Range Leathercare, to demonstrate and answer questions about leather cleaning. Take the time to learn how to identify textile patterns, fiber content and the overall construction of the upholstery that will be cleaned - this will help keep your company out of trouble. The event will be held from 5:30-8 p.m., with refreshments and networking included. PACR members are only $15 and non-members are $30. 

This year, the PACR is also bringing a meth lab clean-up seminar, and more, to the Denver area. If you are in the Denver, Salt Lake City, or Omaha area and are looking for a class to come to you, please contact the PACR office. Look for more details on these and other upcoming events at www.professionalassociationofcleaningandrestoration.org or by contacting Jillian Olson in the PACR office at jolson@meetingsandevents.com.