ICS Magazine

Notes From the Desk: A Leap of Faith

June 18, 2001
Taking a leap of faith, away from the “comfort zone” you’re accustomed to, guarantees personal and professional growth.

Your free subscription just got more valuable! How could the value of “free” increase? Well, as postage increases take effect, the overall value of your FREE subscription also increases.

Now we’re not asking for money, but what we are asking you to do is to complete and return the annual subscription renewal cards that accompany your magazines. Just carrying out that simple task will help continue our dedication to making you better-informed and profitable businesspeople.

In some minute way, filling out subscription cards coincides with life (now, work with me here). You fill out the card, you get something (the magazine); you don’t fill it out, you receive nothing. Now think of life the same way…without taking chances, you are stagnant. Right?

The thought of altering your everyday routine and taking on unfamiliar territory is daunting, at least it is for me. I remember when I first arrived at Specialist Publications, owned by Howard Olansky and Harold Arkoff, how awkward I felt and how little I knew about the floor covering industry. That was more than five years ago, Business News Publishing Co. now owns our publications, and I have come a long way!

Well my friends, the time has come for yet another leap. By the time you read this issue, I would have resigned my post to take on and follow through on a personal journey.

I will miss all of you, some of whom I have built lifelong friendships with. The one thing I will especially miss is this industry. Nowhere else have I met more dedicated and down-to-earth people than in the cleaning, restoration and maintenance arenas.

Therefore, please accept my gratitude for educating me, opening my eyes, and in many cases, my heart. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard, or shed as many tears as I have in any other time in my life. I wish you and my successor all the best!