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Notes From the Desk: Success!

December 13, 2000
Following the Premiere Issue of Commercial Floor Care (March 2000), our readers affirmed what we knew: there was a need for a new magazine that focused solely on commercial floor care, and we filled it. Here are just a few of the comments we received:

I just received it yesterday with the main magazine. I found the hard floor supplement to be very well written and informative! My complements to everyone. Jeff Jesme

I liked it, and I hope it gets bigger soon…I'm circling a lot of numbers on the card that came with this issue. Lee Stockwell

Anybody check out the new Commercial Floor Care magazine from ICS? Very informative in the hard floor department. I want to move into hard floor care soon, so this magazine should help out. Thanks again! Robert Hodge

As mentioned on a previous post concerning the piggy backed magazine that came with our ICS magazine, check out the article on page 22 of Commercial Floor Care. This article sounds like it is not written by a desk jockey, but by someone who is experienced in HWE and pad/bonnet cleaning. He makes note of “appearance cleaning systems” and I feel he is right on in his approach that there is a place for this type of cleaning followed by HWE occasionally. Bill Martin

I hope you find this issue just as informative and stimulating as the first with articles and features such as: Team Cleaning in a Health Care Setting; Maintenance: Communication, The First Step to Understanding; Designing a Maintenance Program For Your Commercial Marble & Stone Floors; Case Study; Clean Streaks or Dirty Streaks? It’s All the Same; and The Price of Doing Business.

Look for the next issue of CFC in October 2000. I promise to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on commercial floor care.

As always, I’m open to your suggestions, comments and concerns. I wish you success.


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