ICS Magazine

October Must See! Products Gallery

October 2, 2009

The ICS Must See Products Gallery provides a glimpse at the latest products and technological innovations entering the market today.

Centrum Force

Centri-Maxx® Patent Pending SP-12 foot rug wringing centrifuge. This model comes in cylinder diameter sizes of 16” - 18”. While shorter in length than the original 14’ Centri-Maxx®, it is budgeted for some rug washing operators that are comfortable with its shorter length and single port entry of rugs.

For more information, log onto www.Centrum-Force.com or call 1-866-652-8778.


The new Prochem FOURGUARD® carpet protector utilizes the latest DuPont™ Capstone™ technology which provides superior carpet protection.

Prochem FOURGUARD® protects against the four main contaminants; soil, stains, spills, and oil, preventing them from becoming embedded, making carpets easier to clean and lasting longer. Increase your revenue with the help of two powerful brands, DuPont® and Prochem®.

Visit www.prochem.com for more information.

Bridgepoint Systems

Bridgepoint Systems is pleased to introduce Spinergy Stone Care Solutions – a complete line of cleaning, sealing, protecting, transforming/modifying, and stain removal chemicals designed for residential and commercial stone care.

With this simple 7 solution product line, and the exclusive Spinergy Stone Polishing Pads, professional cleaners can effectively deal with 95-98% of the stone care and restoration jobs that exist, without having to worry about messy and risky honing and polishing powders and grit pads.

Visit www.bridgepoint.com for more information.