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On IICRC-certified instructors

March 10, 2002
Letters to the Editor

To The Editor:

A group of individuals came together recently in Vancouver, Wash., each a true expert in their field. A glance at the list shows that each is an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification-approved (IICRC) instructor, able to instruct classes and provide students with an opportunity to learn and to have a chance to become an IICRC-certified technician.

I was one of those individuals and I am proud to be involved with such dedicated professionals. We were there as part of a "Train the Trainer" program, underwritten by IICRC with funds provided by fees each school and instructor pays annually.

The group, consisting of nearly 100 individuals, converged on Vancouver and was promptly and efficiently organized by Tom Hill, Kenway Mead and the ready-to-help staff of Kenway Consultants. Tom and Kenway are the guys that know the inner workings of the organization, the cogs and gears that make the organization function. Great job!

Mike Read, the instructor and Schools chairman, organized the event and he must have worked hard since the last get together two years ago. Mike contracted with Dr. James Melton, PhD, a national trainer who quickly put us through our paces. He found ways to improve our strong points and better recognize any shortcomings we had. The meeting was a remarkable product of volunteer effort, and shows how much Mike cares about improving each instructors base of knowledge.

It was clear we were there to learn, to build stronger relationships with each other and to better understand how the IICRC staff so efficiently handles the thousands of tests, applications and inquiries that are processed each year. My heartfelt thanks go out to these ladies who decipher the massive quantities of data that comes through the office each year.

These types of events are required for instructors to continue with professional development. And as our industry grows, matures and begins to better understand the emerging science behind our industry, it is a significant step toward the improvement of our industry.

Once again, Thank You to those dedicated individuals that made this event such a huge success.

Dan Bernazzani, Past President IICRC