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Online Store for Environmentally Responsible Flooring Launches

January 15, 2003
BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 15, 2003--EarthWiseFloors.com, a division of Smooth Corp., today announced the launch of an online resource for environmentally responsible flooring products and information at www.earthwisefloors.com.

EarthWiseFloors.com is one of five flooring-related online stores for consumers and industry professionals owned and operated by Smooth Corp. Other stores include iFloor.com, a popular retail-flooring site for consumers. Smooth Corp. is led by flooring industry veterans and reports steady growth since its founding in 1998, with more than 4 million visitors in 2002.

"There are many excellent earth-friendly flooring products available, but most people don't know about them or even where to find them," said Aaron Cline, general manager of EarthWiseFloors.com. "EarthWiseFloors' mission is to increase the use of earth-friendly flooring materials by providing a single source for the largest selection of environmentally responsible products, supported by exceptional customer service."

EarthWiseFloors.com offers a complete selection of natural and renewable flooring comparable to traditional flooring in price, durability and style. Products made of cork, bamboo and linoleum, as well as natural rugs and carpets are featured. The online store also provides a selection of articles and tips on earth-friendly home and building topics.

One-percent of sales through EarthWiseFloors.com in 2003 will be donated to Earth Share, a non-profit organization that distributes donations to ecological charities based on need and impact.

The green movement is predicted to take a sizeable hold on the flooring market in the future, according to a January 2002 report from National Association of Floor Covering Distributors and others. Scripps Howard News Service predicts the homebuilding trend of 2003 will be homes built with environmentally correct and energy-efficient materials.