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P&G offers four programs for specific cleaning needs

January 15, 2004
P & G Commercial Cleaners

Proctor & Gamble recently expanded its line of offerings to the janitorial/sanitation industry, adding 23 new products to augment its daily cleaners line.

Included within the new line of products are the Pro Line Finished Floor Care Program, a selection of efficient and durable floor finishes; the Pro Line Carpet Care Program, featuring products designed to keep carpets "looking good and smelling fresh in high-traffic maintenance areas"; the Pro Line Daily Cleaners Program, built around some of the company's most recognizable brands, including Spic and Span, Mr. Clean, Swiffer and Febreze; and Pro Line Specialty Cleaners, a lineup targeted at diverse cleaning environments, e.g. protecting stainless steel, lifting off vandalism marks, removing candle wax and more.