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P&G strategizes Marketing Service

January 24, 2001
Cincinnati -- Procter & Gamble Co. has partnered with a Silicon Valley company to offer marketing services designed to more efficiently link worldwide companies, their agencies and partners in order to promote product sales.

P&G and its partner, Worldwide Magnifi Inc. of Los Gatos, Calif., expect that the new business will benefit P&G and other worldwide corporations by cutting the time far-flung employees need to share information and build marketing campaigns.

The new company is being headed by former P&G and Magnifi executives with backgrounds in marketing and technology. The project is currently labeled ``Project EMM,'' for enterprise marketing management. The company is designed to draw on P&G's consumer marketing abilities and Magnifi's expertise in Internet marketing.

The goals for the company are to build marketing proficiency and improve collaboration for corporate clients, starting with larger companies and then moving to mid- and small-size companies.