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PenguinCare to sponsor CIRI opening reception

March 17, 2008

PenguinCare of Upper Marlboro, Md., will be a major sponsor as CIRI holds its second annual Cleaning Science Conference and Symposium at the University of Maryland, June 9-12. CIRI was created to raise awareness of the importance of cleaning through scientific research. The theme for 2008 is “Cleaning Science and Health: Making the Connection.”

The international gathering will focus on cleaning science, health, hygiene, disease prevention and the environment; this in order to demonstrate the vital connection between cleaning and health. There is no other venue as unique as this CIRI symposium in which to learn the latest information and trends on cleaning science, disease transmission and mitigation research, new cleaning methods and their impact on health, hygiene and the environment.

The opening event will be a “meet and greet” reception on the evening of Monday June 9, 2008. This informal but important gathering of scientists, speakers, attendees, business, industry and government is being sponsored by PenguinCare. Said Bobby Cohen, PenguinCare’s president and CEO: “We are pleased to support CIRI in its innovative and pioneering mission to bring science and research to bear on issues of cleaning, health, and the environment. “PenguinCare prides itself on business with a similar mission.”

CIRI’s 2008 Symposium will showcase original studies, current research, case studies, and conceptual papers related to cleaning, science and health. In addition there will be papers that explore methods to measure and quantify the effects of cleaning on health and the environment. Papers from industry and government researchers, academics and scientists plus public health specialists will be presented in order to raise awareness regarding effective cleaning and improved health and wellbeing.

A series of foundation papers and applied research papers on cleaning science fundamentals were the focus of CIRI 2007. These included basics of cleaning terminology, microbial risk reduction and cleaning benefits, cleaning and special environments, cleaning chemistry and technology, testing methods for cleaning technologies, benefits of cleaning, and green cleaning unraveled. These were presented by invited scientists including each of CIRI’s Science Advisory Council. A summary from Dr. Michael Berry of the findings of that assessment with suggestions for future foci and needed research efforts is posted on the website at www.ciri-research.org.