ICS Magazine

Performing Surgery Today?

January 1, 2007

You customer glances down and with a slight grin asks, “Performing surgery today?” With tongue in cheek she may initially make fun of your “surgical booties,” but she will quickly be impressed with the extra care you are taking as you perform your cleaning.

Is it worth the time and expense for you to wear or even dispense these shoe covers to your customers? Let’s consider your business for a moment and see if we can come to some conclusions.

As you build your cleaning company you may continue to do the work yourself or grow the company using trained technicians. As we have often heard, “time is money,” and we know that by moving fast we are able to get more square feet cleaned. This translates to more money at the end of the day as long as we keep that wand moving. This was motivation for me when I cleaned carpets, and continues to be so today, especially with our commissioned technicians.

You know that every customer should be called after the job to check her satisfaction. We did this and at times received a lukewarm answer, just as you may have with your company. The conversation would go something like this: “Yes, the young man seemed to do a good job and everything looks all right, it is just that he went so fast I’m not sure he was getting all the dirt.”

So, what does this have to do with wearing shoe covers? Just this:

Value given and value perceived is not always the same thing. It doesn’t matter how clean the carpets look; if the customer doesn’t believe she received a good value, she will not call you back to clean again, and she will not refer you to her neighbor.

Wearing shoe covers is an excellent way to help your customer “value” your service. If you are using shoe covers now, you know what I mean. Your customer just paid you a lot of money. She wants to be happy and she wants to talk about you. She’ll tell her neighbor, “I just had “Value” Carpet Cleaning do my carpets and they came out so nice. They really do a good job. They even wear booties over their shoes and take them off and put them on when they come in and out of the house. Our technician was so nice, he even left a pair for me and Joe to wear while the carpet dried out.”

How much will this cost you? Almost nothing compared to the impression it makes on your customer. Giving away $.40 worth of shoe covers may be the tipping point to get $1,000 worth of referrals.

When should you wear shoe covers? On every job whether the customer sees you or not. When first entering the home, put the shoe cover on and let the customer see you doing it. Just about everyone has to make one or two trips to the van during a job. When you leave the house, take the shoe covers off. Put them on again at the door threshold. This keeps the outside soil outside which is otherwise attracted to the damp bottom of your work shoes. An added benefit: they cover your ugly and worn work shoes.

Leaving a couple of pair with the homeowner is a very nice touch and always appreciated. They can wear them over their shoes or over their stocking feet to keep their feet dry. This one little act may be the difference in your customer fully appreciating your service or wondering if you really care about her and the work you do. Try it; you have nothing to lose.