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PLRB hosts debate on mold issues

August 11, 2003
PLRB hosts debate on mold issues

The Property Loss Research Bureau, a not-for-profit national association made up of more than 800 insurance companies, held PLRB Mold III: The Great Debate at the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis, July 14-15.

The proposition was put forth that, because mold is omnipresent, the “mold problem,” as it relates to property loss, has become exaggerated. Experts from a wide range of industries presented their views in what the PLRB described as “the first-ever hardball debate over tough mold issues,” discussing drying, sampling, remediation, restoring and more, laying out facts and opinions from which attendees drew their own conclusions.

To help in the identification and understanding of the differences in positions and assertions of the various disciplines of mold loss experts, topics debated by the presenters included “When is clean, clean enough?” in restoration; “What techniques are most appropriate for a given situation?” as they pertain to drying and mitigation; and “What are the benefits/risks of testing before, during and after remediation?” and more.