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Powerclean unveils Millennium II

November 6, 2001
All-new pre-spray added to family of products.

Powerclean Millennium II

PowerClean Industries is proud to introduce an all new pre-spray to their growing family of cleaning products. Millennium II is a super concentrated powdered pre-spray designed for use on a wide variety of carpets. Millennium II's fast acting formula effectively breaks down grease and soil with a superior blend of solvents, surfactants and a 5-Strain Enzyme for maximum cleaning performance. Unlike many Enzymes, Millennium II will remain active for up to 10 days even after it has been mixed. As little as 2 ounces of Millennium II will make an entire gallon of super potent pre-spray, making Millennium II nearly twice as concentrated as competitive products. Millennium II also has an extremely pleasing lemon fragrance.