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Prochem holds annual dealer meeting

March 2, 2007

Prochem held its annual dealer meeting Jan. 9-12 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where distributors were recognized with awards of achievement for their efforts in 2006.

The Jim Roden Award for Dealer of the Year went to Cleaning & Restoration Supply. (l-r) Store Manager Lee Rickert, Wendy Carter, John Carter, Prochem’s Bob Kline, Store Manager Dave Deibert and Castle Rock CEO Dennis Meagher.

The Mike Roden Award for Equipment Dealer of the Year went to Jim Bock, Best Way Cleaning Supplies

Mark Taylor of Michigan Maintenance (right) and Walter Chang (not pictured) of Super Duper.

The Joe Domin Award for Chemical Dealer of the Year went to Dan Barrett of Allen Equipment, Inc.