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Productivity Key Concern in Economically Challenged States

March 24, 2010
Approximately 60 cleaning professionals responded to a February 2010 survey.

Fort Worth TX – March 24, 2010  - Approximately 60 cleaning professionals, including building service contractors and in-house cleaning technicians, responded to a February 2010 survey asking, “What is the main reason you select an automatic scrubber to perform floor care tasks?”

  The survey was conducted for Powr-Flite by Alturasolutions Communications.

  Fifty-five percent of the respondents answered that they select automatic scrubbers because “they help improve worker productivity.” Other reasons included:
  • Automatic scrubbers clean floors more effectively (30 percent).
  • Automatic scrubbers bring down the cost of floor care (14 percent).
  • Automatic scrubbers minimize the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents (1 percent).
  Unlike other types of floor machines, automatic scrubbers, which are often used in larger settings such as schools, hospitals, retail stores, and shopping centers, are designed to perform a number of tasks in one pass, including applying cleaning solution, scrubbing, stripping, cleaning, wet vacuuming, and squeegeeing.

  Interestingly, respondents in states such as California, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois--four states that have been severely impacted by the economic recession--were the ones most concerned about improving worker productivity.

  “This really should come as no surprise,” says Gary Pelphrey, General Manager for Powr-Flite Direct. “Floor care is labor intensive, which can make it costly.  The demand for improved worker productivity is especially heightened when cash is tight.”